Why Choose Atmel?


Atmel Values

How would you like to help power a world where people wear computers on their wrists and cars drive themselves? Atmel technology enables a growing digital lifestyle, smarter energy, and a new industrial revolution. Nearly a half million electronic designers, application engineers and Makers choose Atmel to turn their ideas into reality.

Atmel Culture

Atmel recognizes that its technology ultimately stems from the integrity, teamwork, and achievement of all its employees. Which is why we promote a culture of passion and commitment in everything we do. The many cutting-edge end products—from Smart Homes to the Internet of Things—enabled by our technologies also make Atmel a cool place to work.

Heart of the Maker Community

Atmel lies at the heart of the Maker and Arduino communities, providing the necessary hardware and software tools for hobbyists, educators, designers, engineers and professionals alike. We also encourage our employees to become part of these do-it-yourself communities. In fact, nearly every Arduino board has an Atmel microcontroller onboard. Be a part of this Maker revolution.

Engaged with Customers in the Digital World

Atmel continues to engage customers in its award-winning digital footprint. Atmel tops the best practice index in social media for the semiconductor industry with millions of followers for the Atmel blog, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube channels. The company also supports an organic community of nearly 300,000 members in its AVR Freaks Community, where engineers collaborate on microcontroller designs, discuss issues, and more.

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