Atmel Automotive Solutions for Under the Hood Applications

Under-hood applications require high-temperature parts operating at 125°C inside the engine compartment and 150°C when mounted to the engine itself. The parts must survive over-voltage from a 24V jump start or much higher transients from a load dump when a mechanic disconnects the battery while the engine is running in order to troubleshoot the charging system. In addition, the system must still function during the under-voltage condition during a crank pulse, where battery voltages can drop from 12 to 5 volts.

Typical under-hood applications include electronic gear shift, dual clutch, start-stop systems, electronic power steering, pump systems, blowers, heaters, VNT and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) actuators, and stability control systems.

Features and Benefits

  • High temperature capability
  • SBC (system basis chip) architecture reduces the number of components
  • Wide voltage range and feature a robust EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • LIN conformance test certified 

Atmel Products

Atmel Solutions for Under the Hood Applications

Blowers and Fans

Fuel / Water / Oil / Hydraulic pumps