With the right ballast design, today's fluorescent lights can produce warm, inviting light with no flickering or humming. The same high-frequency electronic ballast can be tailored for many types of fluorescent lighting applications—so you can make the most of your development investment.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective designs require flexibility. Atmel solutions let you build fluorescent lighting solutions based on, for example, a full-featured single-chip Atmel® AVR especially designed for lighting applications, or a general microcontroller with range of standard-compliant transceiver options.
  • The embedded EEPROM stores tube wattages and parameters for accurate wattage detection and parameter adjustment without the need for separate components.
  • Integrated Power Stage Controllers (PSCs) reduce electrical magnetic interference (EFI), manage lamp power, and control voltage to ensure lighting stability in dimmable fluorescent lamps.

Fluorescent Ballasts

  • Dimmable fluorescent ballasts are a natural fit for the Atmel AT90PWM microcontroller, which supports the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI).
  • Non-dimmable fluorescent ballasts benefit from the flexible Atmel AT83EB5114 microcontroller with integrated Power Factor Corrected (PFC) capability, which eliminates the need for additional components.
Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Panels

The Atmel AT90PWM microcontroller supports the DALI standard to network multiple ballasts to a centralized system for tighter light level control and big energy savings.

Atmel Products

Lighting ComponentMicrocontrollerWireless TransceiverRecommended Evaluation Kit
Ballast Controller for Dimmable Fluorescent tube with DALIAT90PWM2B

TransceiversATAVRFBKIT Ballast Demo Kit
Ballast Controller for Fluorescent Tube










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