Smart Badge Demonstrator

The Smart Badge Demonstrator showcases integrated Atmel product capabilities to address the wearable market thanks to its low power performance, low footprint and processor performance.

The Smart Badge Demonstrator combines Atmel system solutions including sensor hub, touch, and wireless. The device features the Atmel ǀ SMART SAMA5D31 as the processor, the Atmel ǀ SMART SAM G54 as the sensor hub, the maxTouch MXT112s for touch features and the SmartConnect WILC3000 as the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo connection.

The Smart Badge embeds MEMS and sensor technology from Bosch Sensortec as well as memory multi-chip package from Micron combining 4Gb of LPDDR2 + 4GB of eMMC in a single package.

The Demonstrator runs Android KitKat version with 6 applications deployed:

  • Compass
  • Watch
  • Spirit Level
  • Slide Show
  • Ring my mobile/my badge
  • Battery gauge





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