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One-Time Programmable Memory from the Market Leader

A long-time market leader in EPROM technology, Atmel offers 5V, 3V and Battery-Voltage™ (2.7V) EPROMs for a variety of applications. Atmel has one of the broadest range of one-time programmable (OTP) EPROMs, with densities ranging from 256-Kbits to 8-Mbits, speeds as fast as 45ns, and package options that including PDIP, PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, and TSSOP. The devices are widely used for embedded program code storage in applications such as: cordless phones, pagers, video game players, printers, modems, graphics cards, instrumentation, automotive, medical devices, telecommunications, networking, industrial control equipment, and hard disk drives.

Key Features

  • Lower power — The Atmel innovative design techniques provide fast speeds that rival 5V devices while retaining the low power consumption of a 3V power supply.
  • Standard packages — The devices are available in industry-standard JEDEC-approved OTP plastic PLCC, TSOP, and VSOP packages.
  • Two-line control — All devices feature two-line control (CE, OE) to give designers the flexibility to prevent bus contention.
  • Additional features — The AT27Cxxx and AT27LVxxx series both have additional features to ensure high quality and efficient product use, including Rapid Programming Algorithm and Integrated Product Identification Code.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
One-time programmable for excellent firmware and data protection

Parallel access
Direct code execution applications such as networking, instrumentation, telecommunications, industrial control, automotive, etc.

Low power


Rapid programming algorithm

256-Kbit to 8-Mbit

As fast as 45ns

2.7V and 5V versions

PDIP, PLCC, SOIC, and TSOP packages