Key Atmel Technologies


Innovations That Inspire Breakthrough Products

Atmel® technologies inspire product designers and empower users the world over. Based on a rich Atmel portfolio of engineering breakthroughs and intellectual property, these technologies make possible the capabilities and features that are integrated into thousands of popular product applications.

Atmel offers unmatched microcontroller technologies that optimize performance, efficiency, and connectivity, while also intelligently managing power to conserve battery life in today’s portable devices. Market-leading capacitive-touch technologies give users new and better ways to interact with their consumer electronics. Wireless technologies extend the reach of networks and radio-frequency (RF) applications with powerful, highly compatible communications options. And security technologies safeguard data and secrets with invulnerable, hardware-based protection.

Today, Atmel is right at the heart of The Internet of Things, a highly intelligent, connected world where Internet-enabled devices will outnumber people. Our technologies are fueling machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the “industrial Internet.”


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